Non- execution of Cases in Mitrovica

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On the 15th of September, 2013, Justice in Kosovo discussed about the large number of pending cases in the Basic Court of Mitrovica. In the second part of the programme, a report about of free legal aid is broadcasted.

The citizens of Mitrovica who have won civil disputes are not being able to execute them for approximately four years. One of the cases is the Halili family. They waited four years and their case is still not being executed.

The court in the North Mitrovica was occupied by the Serbs and they fired all the Kosovo judges. Form that time the judges could not return to the court and the cases were blocked. The court of Mitrovica currently is placed in Vushtrri.

The head of the Basic Court of Mitrovica Kada Bunjaku-Perquku said, “The citizens of Mitrovica are complaining and I do not blame them because their cases are not being resolved since 2008. There are 3, 926 non executed cases. We only deal with the cases that urgent.”

Among the 3, 926 non executed cases are also the seven cases of the lawyer Vehbi Beqiri. The lawyer Beqiri said, “The lawyers of Mitrovica are in trouble with their clients because they want their cases to be resolved as soon as possible. This situation is a breach of human rights.”

The municipality of Mitrovica has also problems with the Court of Mitrovica. The municipality is not getting the taxes from the high rise constructions.

In the end, the report deals with the problem of free legal aid. Free legal aid is a right of citizens who cannot afford to engage a professional who offers professional judicial services. Citizens with social assistance, citizens who do not have financial income, single mothers, refugees, displaced persons, elders, citizens with special needs, minors, women, children, police administration, education administration, civil servants administration, and others have the right to ask for free legal aid.

Free legal aid is provided by the Agency for Free Legal Aid. Besim Fierza is one of the citizens who asked for free legal aid.

DritaRegjepi, the head of the Agency for Free Legal Aid, said, “We have provided free legal aid for more than 18,000 cases. Approximately 2, 000 cases are still going through judicial procedures”.

According to the law, free legal aid is provided in four stages. It starts with the advice and it ends with engaging a lawyer for the party.

The criteria that the citizens should fulfil to ask for free legal aid is: qualification criterion, financial criterion, and juridical criterion.  

Justice in Kosovo also broadcasted a report about an attempted looting in the segment “Police”.

With the cooperation of Kosovo Police, Justice in Kosovo has managed to produce a report over a search in perpetrators’ house; the perpetrators were also suspected for hiding illegal weapons.

Regional Investigative Unit operates secretly and its mission is to detect heavy crimes, such as looting or attempted murder.