The Conflict between Police Officers

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On September 22, 2013, “Justice in Kosovo” discussed the conflict between police officers.

Kosovo Police officers, from the patrol and traffic unit, had a conflict between each other after they arrived on the location of the accident. The two police officers pointed a gun toward the other officer who happened to be a sergeant. The Kosovo Police has kept the case under wraps, and the police officers that were involved in the conflict were suspended for 48 hours. After returning to work, the police officers are being investigated by the Kosovo Police Inspectorate.

The police officers went to the scene of a car accident, which was on the road between Komoran and Shtime, in order to prevent the possible conflict between the victims of the accident, and to take the necessary measures that determine the guilty person. The police however got into a conflict with the other police unit that was already there.

Witnesses told “Justice in Kosovo” that two police officers pointed their guns toward the sergeant, but the civilians watching did not let the situation escalate.

The police patrol came from the Shtime police unit; meanwhile a member of the patrol, Sergeant Naim Rexha, immediately called the traffic unit to do the necessary measures. The sergeant was accompanied by one of his colleagues.  

Witness Isa Dreshaj told “Justice in Kosovo” that the traffic unit patrol arrived late and they parked their car, which blocked the other patrol car. Dreshaj says that the sergeant Rexha asked them to remove the car, but they were offended and said “Who are you to give us orders?”

According to the eyewitness, during the confrontation, one of the traffic unit members hit sergeant Rexha with a notebook. At that moment two traffic unit members pulled their official guns.

Hysen Kurtbobaj, another witness, also said that the confrontation heightened when Rexha asked them why they were late and warned them that he was going to notify their supervisors about the delay.

Beside Rexha, the others that were involved in the incident were two police officers from the traffic unit, Sejdi Rashiti and Vesel Bytyqi.

The conflict between the police officers was concealed by the Kosovo Police, and the three police officers that were involved in the conflict did not want to discuss issue with “Justice in Kosovo.” They told “Justice in Kosovo” that the inside regulation of Kosovo Police does not allow them to talk.

The Kosovo Police spokesperson for the Ferizaj region, Agim Gashi, told “Justice in Kosovo” that the two police officers were suspended.  

“All three police officers were suspended for 48 hours; meanwhile, the Kosovo Police Inspectorate is investigating the penal act,” said Arber Zeka, Kosovo Police Inspectorate officer.