Life in Kosovo program on the final status received over 150 viewers’ calls

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The resolution of Kosovo’s final status and how to go about it was the topic of this week’s Life in Kosovo TV debate show.

The show was broadcast live on Radio Television of Kosovo, RTK, and the audience had the chance address questions to the following panelists.

David Blunt – head of the British liaison office in Pristina
Ardian Gjini – environment minister
Avni Arifi- advisor to the prime minister
Dukagjin Gorani – political analyst
Berat Buzhala – chief editor of the daily newspaper Express

Over 150 people phoned up with questions during the show, some of which were read out on air.

Life in Kosovo, a BIRN-organised TV debate, is moderated by BIRN Kosovo Director Jeta Xharra and is broadcast on RTK every Friday from 20.15.