BIRN to hold discussion on regional economic cooperation in Sarajevo

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A panel discussion on regional economic cooperation organised by BIRN and the Foreign Investments Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FIPA, will be held at the Radon Plaza Hotel, Sarajevo on June 19, 2007 at 13:00. The panel discussion – Competitors or Allies in Investments, will be preceded by a BIRN training and reporting event for economic journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the surrounding region, supported by the British Embassy in Sarajevo.

The discussion will feature two panels:

– Are BiH stock exchanges doing enough to stimulate foreign investment?
– Competition or Cooperation: Finding an Optimal Balance for the Growth of Balkan Economies.

For the complete agenda and a list of panellists please visit this link

To participate in the event please contact Dusica L.I. Cook at [email protected].