BIRN and the Dart Centre Team up to Train the Trainers in Trauma

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BIRN’s leadership team from across the Balkans is spending two days’ training in the Croatian resort of Opatija in the reporting and journalistic experience of trauma and extreme human distress.

With war crimes trials underway in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the European arm of the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma ( is supporting BIRN with training, materials and expertise as part of a programme to shift journalistic culture in the region towards a more sophisticated and educated understanding of how psychological trauma impacts on post-conflict societies – and how journalists can be best supported in reporting the aftermath of war.

The training is being led by the Dart Centre’s European Director Mark Brayne, a former BBC and Reuters foreign correspondent and now a practising psychotherapist, and brings together eight of BIRN’s country directors, from Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The Opatija workshop is the latest in a series of Dart Centre initiatives on trauma in the Balkans, including a seminar last month in Palic, Serbia ( , with Serbian journalists covering the current war crimes trials in Belgrade.