Life in Kosovo discusses the use of fiscal cash registers

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This week, Life in Kosovo will discuss the use of fiscal cash registers.

Questions to be covered include: How many businesses have fiscal cash registers? Why do fuel pumps not yet have them set up? What are the technical problems hampering this project? Will the informal economy be stopped?


How do the Tax Administration of Kosovo and companies that sell fiscal cash registers evaluate this project, and what do economic experts think? Why are small businesses complaining about the price of the cash registers?


To discuss this issue, Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following guests to the studio:


Behxhet Haliti– director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo;
Driton Shuki – from the “Gekos” company;
Bashkim Shahini – from the “Dukagjini” company;
Arbana Xharra – economics editor of the Zëri daily newspaper; and
Berat Rukiqi – from the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.


During the programme, BIRN will broadcast a report about what people running businesses think about the setting up of fiscal cash registers, and shares their complaints.


BIRN will also broadcast a report by journalist Edona Musa that shows the problems faced by Kosovo’s taxi drivers. In particular, Edona asks why some taxi drivers have decided to face time in jail instead of paying fines.