Life in Kosovo discusses the implementation of law on labour

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On Thursday, Life in Kosovo broadcasts a debate on the labour law and its implementation.

Before the debate, BIRN broadcasts the interview with the Kosovar pilot James Berisha and exclusive views of its emergency landing in Sudan.


Jeta Xharra has interviewed Andrea Capussela, former head of the International Civilian Office financial unit. Capussela is one of the witnesses who contacted EULEX regarding the agreement signed between PTK Dardafone, which according to him has damaged PTK and the public money. Regarding this issue, during the last week, EULEX filed charges against the board and management of PTK.


The main questions to be covered in the debate include: Do employers in Kosovo obey the labour law? Is there a sufficient budget for the implementation of this law? How efficient can be the 52 labour inspectors who operate all over Kosovo? What are the main complaints addressed to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare? How should the state institutions react in cases when the labour inspectors violate this law?


In order to discuss these and other issues related to the Labour law, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following:


Nenad Rashiq, minister of Labour and Social Welfare;
Haxhi Arifi, head of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo;
Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj, deputy in Kosovo Assembly;
Agron Demi, from GAP Institute.

In the context of the debate, BIRN broadcasts the interviews with the workers of BITEX factory in Kosovo Polje, who were sacked after refusing to sign an illegal contract.


In their case, the labour law was not only violated by the factory owners, but also by the labour inspectors.