Life in Kosovo discusses about emergency situations

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Tonight, Life in Kosovo will broadcast a debate on the emergency situations in our country.

Do we know how to manage and cope with emergency situations in Kosovo – similar to those we have been faced over the last week?

What are the measures that the municipalities and the central government have taken?

What is the level of coordination among institutions in order to help the citizens? Why the Prishtina municipality has still no alarming system since three years now? I don’t get this part.

To discuss these issues, Jeta Xharra has invited:

Agim Gashi – Head of Directorate for Public Services in the Municipality of Prishtina
Feim Salihu – “Pastrimi” company
Visar Rama – INPO
Ismet Ibishi – Ministry of Internal Affairs
Shemsi Veseli – Deputy of PDK in Prishtina Assambly and KSF deputy minister

BIRN will also broadcast the interview with Dan Kamen from Energy Laboratory at the University of California, who talks about alternative energy sources in Kosovo.