The new English-language Editor-in-Chief Andrea Doder joins the Balkan Transitional Justice Team

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Andrea Doder, a former BBC international affairs journalist, has joined the Balkan Transitional Justice (BTJ) team today as the English-language Editor-in-Chief.

Originally from Sarajevo, Andrea is a graduate from Guildhall, London and holds a master degree from the London School of Economics. She is also a fluent speaker of BCSM.


Andrea joined the BBC in 1994, where she produced and edited news programmes and reported for the World Service radio, World television and BBC News Online.


Balkan Transitional Justice is a new programme of BIRN HUB that is designed as a sub-site of Balkan Insight and made possible through cooperation with BIRN BiH.

The first ever regional programme of its kind, funded by the European Commission and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is dedicated to broadening understanding of transitional justice issues and improving the professional standards of journalism in the Balkan region.

News about transitional justice issues (war crime trials, missing persons, reparations, criminal justice efforts, regional cooperation and strategy) is published in English and also in Albanian, BCMS and Macedonian. The Balkan Transitional Justice’s website is currently under construction and contains three mirror language pages of the English home page.


The BTJ team started with a training period on February 1, under the editorial guidance of Balkan Insight’s Managing Editor Ana Petruseva and Andrew Gray, former chief editor of Reuters for the Balkans.


The training period has been successful beyond all expectations and the system of publishing news in four languages has been running smoothly. Although the website has not been officially launched the work of the BTJ team has already been noticed and some articles re-published in the local media across the region.


The official launch of the website will be on March 1, 2012.