Life in Kosovo debates the Schengen visa liberalisation process

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This Thursday’s Life in Kosovo debate travels from Prishtina to Brussels to closely analyse the Schengen visa liberalisation process for Kosovo, as well as the European Union integration process.

Are Kosovars the only ones left out of the Schengen visa liberalisation process? How far is Kosovo from the EU? What are the differences between the countries of the region regarding the EU integration process? Which countries are faring best and which ones worse? What is the image of Albanians in Europe?

These issues will be the main points of discussion in the studio of the European Commission in Brussels, also the location where the decision on Kosovo’s inclusion in Schengen visa liberalisation will be taken. Muhamet Hajrullahu’s guests for this debate will be:

Augustin Palokaj – Kosovar daily Koha Ditore correspondent for Brussels,
Ernest Bunguri – correspondent for the TV ALSAT in Macedonia and Albania,
Gjeraqina Tuhina – Radio Television of Kosova, RTK, correspondent for Brussels,
Zelko Panteliq – Serbian daily ‘Dnevnik’ correspondent for Brussels.

Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television, RTK and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. It is broadcast every Thursday, starting at 20:20.