Krenar Gashi Leaves BIRN

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Krenar Gashi, who has been working as BIRN Kosovo’s editor since early 2006, has joined the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development, KIPRED, where he will lead the research team of this institute.

Gashi, an award-winning investigative journalist, initially worked as assistant editor, and later as assistant editor for BIRN’s online publication, Balkan Insight

He also coordinated BIRN’s fellowship programme for Kosovo and conducted high-profile interviews for BIRN’s Jeta ne Kosove (Life in Kosovo) TV show.

“He will be missed dearly; he is one of few investigative reporters in the Balkans, and I hope he will not abandon journalism as he moves on to other endeavours,” said Gordana Igric, Regional Network Director of BIRN.

Gashi received the award for Best Written Story in 2007 from Kosovo’s Association of Professional Journalists and BIRN’s internal award for outstanding quality for his reporting and his innovative approach in the same year. His investigative reports have been published in more than a hundred publications worldwide.

Gashi is the founder of Prishtina Insight, serving as project manager and editor-in-chief of this fortnightly newspaper, published by BIRN Kosovo.

On stepping down from the post as editor of Prishtina Insight, Gashi expressed his pride with this project, “which has become a must-read for all English-speaking people in Kosovo”.

“I had the great honour and pleasure to work with a wonderful team of journalist,” he said.

“I am leaving at the time when Prishtina Insight has already gained a loyal readership and has become an influential outlet.”

He emphasised that he will continue to co-operate closely with BIRN and all its publications.

Lawrence Marzouk, an experienced journalist and editor from Britain, who now take over as editor-in-chief of Prishtina Insight.