Life in Kosovo airs debate on privatization of KEK

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Tonight, Life in Kosovo will air a debate on the privatisation of the electricity distribution network of the Kosovo Energy Corporation, KEK.

What are the terms of this privatisation? What assets of KEK, formerly ElektroKosova, are being sold to private companies and at what price? Which companies are interested in this? How will the private company solve the problem of the lack of billing of 40% of the energy generated? What does the American Ombudsman have to say on Kosovo’s complaints that this privatisation process is not transparent? How will our government make sure that the billing problems which continue to take place in Albania following its privatisation of distribution, will not take place in Kosovo as well? Will the Kosovo taxpayer continue to subsidise the electricity theft even after privatisation?

To discuss these issues in the privatisation, Jeta Xharra has invited:

Fllanza Hoxha, from KEK’s distribution privatisation project;
Nezir Sinani, from the civil society;
Izet Mustafa, from the Independent Energy Union of Kosovo, SPEK;
Avni Alidemaj, head of the distribution division, KEK.

Within this show, BIRN will broadcast an interview with an employee from KEK who will show which part of the distribution will be privatised.


After the show, BIRN will broadcast a reportage which speaks of mysterious arsons in the village of Kernica, in Klina.