Irregularities in Prizren’s Prison

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On April 14, “Justice in Kosovo” discussed the irregularities of the prison in Prizren.

How many times narcotic substances found inside of this center? How were golden necklaces stolen from the prisoner’s deposit? How could credit cards reach the prisoners? What does Minister Kuci say about this? Did the head inspector of the prison and the Kosovo Correctional Service send any reports to the Ministry of Justice? What did the Head of Kosovo Correctional Service declare? Has the prosecution started investigations for this case? Why did they change the director’s and deputy director’s positions?

The detention center in Prizren contained the following irregularities and misuse: use of drugs, hiding cases from the directorate staff of the prison, use of mobile phones inside the prison by the prisoners and access of phone cards, credit cards, cigarettes and food items.

“Justice in Kosovo” got the information from the officers that work in the Detention Center in Prizren and are not satisfied with the situation.

One of the cases happened on May, 21 2011 under Deputy Director Shaban Kamberaj, food was brought to the one of the prisoners by Osman Hoxhaj, who was a guard.

The director Miftar Ziba told “Justice in Kosovo” that he was aware of this case:

“Since the rules of the prison do not allow people to bring food or anything else inside, I had to suspend the officers. For the last case, I did not suspend the deputy director, but I warned him that next time will be worse.”

Morover, one of the officers told us that an employee was caught stealing outside of the prison: “Justice in Kosovo” has found the recording where one of the officers of the prison, who was wearing the uniform, stole from Ben-Af.

“I am aware that one of the officers, currently working in the transport squad, was caught stealing from Ben-Af. I totally agree that this person should have been fired,” said Ziba.

In addition, the prisoners from Dubrava prison have sent us a recording where they expressed their dissatisfaction about the living conditions in this prison and they criticized the general director of the Kosovo Correcting Service.