The Sentence of Nazmi Mustafi

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On May 23, Justice in Kosovo discussed the sentence of Nazmi Mustafi.

Among the questions discussed were: How many years of prison were given to Nazmi Mustafi? What was the sentence of the others accused? Why didn’t the court ever confirm that Mustafi took bribes? Why is Mustafi going to remain in detention? Whom did Mustafi accuse? Which one of the prosecutors is trying to protect his brother? Who visited Mustafi at his home? When did EULEX start to investigate this case? What evidence proved Mustafi’s guilt? What the strong evidence that is the basis for the case, according to the EULEX prosecutor?

A panel of the Basic Court of Peja sentenced Nazmi Mustafi, the former head of Anti-Corruption Task Force and the prosecutor of Kosovo’s Special Prosecution of five years of prison. Besides that, he will also pay a fine of 10,000 Euros and he cannot exercise any activities or official duty.

The co-conspirators of Mustafi, the Zherka brothers, were sentenced to four years of prison and fined 10,000 Euros; while, Mirela Ndoci was sentenced to six months of prison and fined 10,000 Euros.

Mustafi will be held in detention until the court gives its final decision. Meanwhile, he has the right to complain in the Appeal Court.

After the verdict, Mustafi accused Aleksander Lumezi, chief of appeals, of fixing the case in order to save his brother, Albert Lumezi, from investigations. He also accused the head state prosecutor Ismet Kabashi.

“There is no justice here,” Mustafi said after the verdict.

The EULEX prosecutor Cezary Michalczuk said he was also accused by Mustafi. “If he has any evidence or information for any set up, even in other cases, he could have send a report to the police or the prosecution in order to investigate them,” said Michalczuk.

“This is, simply, not true! If it was, he would have brought us evidence to prove his innocence. He never gave us any evidence related to this,” he added.