BIRN Kosovo director discusses fellowship programme on Klan Kosova

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Jeta Xharra, country director of BIRN Kosovo, was invited to the morning programme of Klan Kosova on Feb. 25 to discuss the 2014 programme for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence. 

Jeta Xharra on Klan Kosova.

Xharra described the programme and encouraged journalists to apply for it. This year the programme’s theme is “Generations”.

“The journalists that apply for this fellowship are privileged because their articles will be published in different international media, and they will be guided and mentored by a group of experienced local and international journalists and editors”, Xharra said.

“The ones who win the fellowship will investigate and write about this particular topic for the whole year. Journalists will not only write and investigate the topic within Balkans; they will have the possibility to go to EU countries and investigate the topic there”, Xharra continued.

Journalists will be provided with 2,000 euro for trips to EU countries and 2,000 euro for the story. The individual who wins first place will receive a prize of 4000 Euro.

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