BIRN Holds Investigative Journalism Training

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Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is holding a two-day training event on investigative journalism for print and television reporters, as well as civil society organisations which work to promote access to official documents.

During the training, BIRN unveiled its manual to document-based investigative reporting, Follow the Paper Trail, which sets out how to use Kosovo’s freedom of information laws, practical tips on how to use search engines to trawl Kosovo government websites and internationally sources of information.

Training sessions offered practical investigative techniques used by BIRN journalists on writing a number of hard-hitting investigative stories, some of which have sparked probes by authorities into suspected corruption.

At the end of training, five print and there television journalists will be provided with funds to write an investigative story using these techniques, while being supervised by BIRN journalists to get first-hand experience on investigative journalism.  This project is funded by the United States of America Embassy in Pristina.

Download the manual of investigative journalism