Life in Kosovo debates the failure of the government to increase salaries

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Tonight, Life in Kosovo discusses Kosovo’s government’s failure to increase the salaries of civil servants.

What happened to the promise of acting prime minister Hashim Thaci to increase salaries? How legitimate was the government’s decision to increase salaries? What could be the consequences of not introducing the pay rises? What do the IMF and international community in Kosovo say about this decision?

To discuss these and other issues related to the budget, the consequences of non-approval of the budget and salary increases without budget coverage, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu is joined by the following:

Haxhi Arifi – Head of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo
Haki Shatri – Former Minister of Economy
Lumir Abdixhiku – Executive Director of Riinvest
Arbana Xharra – Economics reporter at the daily newspaper Zëri

During the debate, Life in Kosovo broadcasts a report by journalist Edona Musa, which talks about the frustration of education and health workers, showing their disappointment about the fact that their salaries have not been increased, despite the promises of the government.

After the debate, Life in Kosovo broadcasts a report by journalist Alban Selimi, which shows how a road in the municipality of Obilic has been destroyed only four months after being paved.

At the end of the show, BIRN will broadcast a report on the debate tournament  Peja Open 2011, which was held last weekend by the students of high schools of four municipalities of Kosovo on the topic of elections.