BIRN BiH Presents Justice Series Programme

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BIRN BiH presented its umbrella programme ‘Justice Series: Media, Civil Society and War Crime Trials’ to over 500 delegates from all over Europe at the 25th Annual European Foundation Centre (EFC) Assembly that took place in Sarajevo from May 15 to 17.

“Being in Bosnia and Herzegovina offered a unique opportunity to take a critical look at achievements and future challenges in a region of Europe that features the highest grade of activities by foreign donors,” said a press statement from the EFC. 

BIRN BiH took part in a session on the transitional justice, reconciliation and conflict resolution entitled ‘Dealing With the Past for the Sake of the Future’ which involved video screenings and presentations. 

BIRN BiH’s Justice Series was also featured in Mirovne novine, a publication issued by the co-organiser of the event, the Network for Peacebuilding in BiH. 

Other local organisations that took part in the event were Caritas BK BiH, Catholic Relief Services, Helsinki Committee Bijeljina, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Nensen Dialogue Center Sarajevo, Vive žene, Network Against Torture, United Nations Development Programme, TJAR and TRIAL.