Albania: Call for Stories on COVID-19 and the Earthquake

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BIRN Albania is opening a call for story proposals that shed light on how the authorities and society are responding to the COVID-19 epidemic and the aftermath of the deadly November 26th earthquake in Albania.

Proposals are accepted for various journalistic formats, including features, in-depth news analysis, investigations and video features. Successful applications will receive an honorary ranging from 15,000 to 120,000 lek (minus personal income tax), depending on the genre and complexity of the reported story, the costs, etc.

There is no aspect of life in Albania that has not been affected by the coronavirus epidemic. We invite journalists to report the stories that are not being reported at the moment: in-depth features on how different communities or individuals are reacting to the crisis, in-depth news analysis with multiple sources explaining what is happening behind the scenes, and research that follows the money the government is spending on its response to the crisis.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic has pushed the earthquake of November 26th 2019 from newspaper headlines and newsreels, we invite journalists to apply with ideas that report in depth on the response of the authorities and the human angle of the quake that left behind a wave of destruction and affected thousands of people.

Each journalist or group of journalists can submit more than one application. Successful candidates will be notified within  two weeks. Applications will be evaluated continuously on a rolling basis during the period May to June 2020. BIRN Albania will provide successful candidates with editorial support and on-the-job mentoring. The articles will be published in its online publication,

Successful candidates will have from 15 days to three months to report and write their article, depending on the difficulty of reporting and its complexity. Applicants should take care that their proposals do not overlap with previously published stories on or other media outlets.

All journalists in Albania, employed by other media or freelancers, have the right to apply. This call is financially supported by the Swedish government and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Candidates should submit the online APPLICATION FORM

For an Albanian copy of this call, click here.

For questions or further details, please contact though email at: [email protected]