BIRN Continues Discussions on Online Media Regulation in Southeastern Europe

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Balkan Investigative Reporting Network will hold a second public debate on December 22 with group of experts from across the region who will discuss case law and legal challenges of online media regulation.

Photo: Alexandra_Koch / Pixabay

Disinformation, hate speech and discrimination continue to be major challenges in the digital space in the Western Balkans region, particularly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused a surge in fake news. In order to avoid those negative phenomena, digital media need adequate regulation, which ensures a high level of professionalism and objectivity, but at the same time prevents any form of censorship or influence on media independence or freedom of expression. Special contributors in re-shaping digital media regulation and self-regulation are international treaties, domestic legislation, and case law of various courts, including the European Court of Human Rights.

The debate “Case Law and Online Media Regulation in the Balkans” will be moderated by Montenegrin media expert and BIRN consultant Vuk Maras and will focus on existing national regulation and its effectiveness, as well as the question of ensuring a clear line of division between regulation and censorship. The debate should also discuss international standards and practices and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights in this field. A special focus will also be put on the legal knowledge and capacities of media to uphold regulatory standards and obligations.

Panelists that will take part in the discussion include:

  • Edina Harbinja – PhD in Media / Privacy Law (Senior Lecturer at Aston University / Aston Law School, UK)
  • Lazar Sandev – Attorney at law (Law Office Filip Medarski, North Macedonia)
  • Jelena Kleut – PhD in Communication Science (Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Elvin Luku – PhD in Communication Science (CEO at Albanian Center MediaLook, Albania)
  • Milan Radovic – Graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy (Program Director of Civil Alliance and Member of the Council of the Montenegrin Public Broadcaster)
  • Snezana Trpevska – PhD in Sociological Sciences (Research Expert at RESIS, North Macedonia)

To join the second debate in a series of discussions on online media regulation with different stakeholders, organised as a part of the regional “Media for All” project, connect with us on the platform ZOOM on Tuesday, December 22, at noon CET.

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