BIRN Albania and Swedish Embassy Hold Digital Integrity Debate

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The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania, together with the Swedish Embassy in Tirana, organised an online debate on December 11 that brought together together local, regional and international experts to discuss digital rights violations.

The debate was organized as part of Integrity Week in Albania and was addressed by the Swedish ambassador to Tirana, Elsa Hastad.

“Media, meaning you here today, your role is exceptional in promoting transparency and really demanding accountability,” Hastad said.

“I know that during the pandemic journalists have made sure that citizens receive care, or that procurement of medical equipment is done in a proper way and disinformation is met with facts,” she added.

The panel discussion was moderated by Albanian journalist Blendi Salaj and included Michael J. Oghia, Advocacy and Engagement Manager at the Global Forum for Media Freedom, the investigative journalists Driton Salihu and Marja Grill from Swedish Public Television, BIRN project coordinator Sofija Todorovic, BIRN Albania editor Besar Likmeta, civil rights lawyer Megic Reci from CRD and the chairman of the Albania Media Council, Koloreto Cukali.

The panel was joined by 70 participants from civil society and media and was broadcast live on Facebook.

Integrity Week is a week-long series of activities held in December, organised by the Chamber of Commerce in Albania as a national awareness-raising campaign to draw attention to the importance of integrity and to promote ethical behaviour not only in business, but also in governmental bodies and academia and among NGOs.