Besim Doesn’t go to Jail

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On April 20, 2014, aired an investigation of Justice in Kosovo showing how a defendant manages to avoid the sentence to prison.

Besim Rexhepi was sentenced in 2009 by the Municipality Court to 18 months of probation. In September, 2003 Rexhepi endangered citizens with his Volkswagen Passat.
Driving too fast, he lost the control and struck another vehicle. Ymer Hajdari was badly injured and his wife Nexherije Hajdari died in the hospital as a result of the accident. Their two kids were also wounded.

However, Rexhepi is still free today because his sentence was put on statutory limitation as the police failed to properly arrest him.
Rexhepi denies responsibility for the accident, and cites his mother’s illness at the time of the crash as being a contributing factor.
For two years he lived in France, Macedonia and Albania escaping from the police.

The investigation from the Life in Kosovo newspaper proved that during this period of time Rexhepi attended an electoral meeting of PDK party in Kosovo. He denied having been a part of this meeting.

But in a photo that the newspaper has provided, Rexhepi is sitting next to Zenun Pajaziti the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Fehmi Mujota the minister of transports and Nexhmedin Arifi the former Major of the Municipality of Viti.

Pajaziti, now deputy of PDK, said that doesn’t remember this person, while the minister Mujota refused to comment. Nexhmedin Arifi former Mayor of Viti said he remembered only seeing Rexhepi in Remnik village during the electoral campaign.

Samir Reka head of INPO said that this case creates the idea that political subjects protect their members from the juridical verdicts.