A Marital Dispute

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On May 18, 2014, Justice in Kosovo discussed about a martial dispute.

Adem Ymeri is suffering because of his son’s problems with the law. His car was confiscated by the court.
All started in October 2006 when Hysni Ymeri married L.A. He abandoned her immediately after the marriage because according to him, the bride was not virgin.

The girl went to the court, presenting a medical report to prove she was in the right.Consequently, the Court of Kamenica fined Hysni Ymeri 650 euros for slander.

Based on the law for compensation, L.A went to the court again, which obliged Ymeri to pay L.A. 5,000 euros in compensation.
Hysni Ymeri has not yet paid the compensation, so the court seized the car of his father, Adem Ymeri.

Ymeri said that the car was taken unfairly because he is not responsible for his adult son’s actions. The car is registered under Adem Ymeri’s name and he does not know why the court seized his car.

Zijadin Spahiu from Kamenica Court said that the procès-verbal of confiscation came from the basic court of Gjilan.L.A declined to comment on this case while the court of Kamenica is waiting for the verdict of the Appeal Court. This verdict will decide whether the Court of Gjilan was correct in confiscating Adem Ymeri’s car to as compensation for the damage caused by his adult son.

Private executor Fadil Hoxha said that this is something prohibited by the law, ”The father is not responsible to pay for the damage caused by children older than 18-years-old,” he said.
“Even though the car is used by the family, it is the private property of the person that has registered the car,” he added.

Selami Rexhepi, the lawyer for Adem Ymeri, said that the car should be returned to his client because Adem Ymeri is not responsible for Hysni Ymeri’s actions.

The second subject treated on this program is a fight between police officers in Ferizaj.

On May 11, the special unit policeman stopped a car but discovered they did not have the tickets to write down the offense. They asked a police officer from the patrol unit to write down the penalty.

During this process, disagreements arose and the two engaged in a physical fight.Now the case is being investigated by the Kosovo police inspectorate.

The program continues with an operation of the Kosovo police in Prizren arising from a tip to the station about a shooting.
After investigating the area and taking evidence, the police went to the station to complete the case.