Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSF)

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2010 - Now

Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina is an independent, nonprofit organisation founded in 1993 as part of the Open Society Foundations.

The Fund works to restore a sense of community and future among the country’s young people through programs that promote civic engagement.

The fund’s education activities focus on advancing social inclusion, overturning school segregation, and facilitating long-term education reform through initiatives such as the publication of new textbooks that reject ethnic stereotypes.

The fund also seeks to build a local civil society that can give communities an active and effective role in guiding development policies. The fund uses local engagement to advance anticorruption and good governance. The fund has been a leader in promoting Roma inclusion and empowerment.

At the local level, the Fund has implemented a number of initiatives to improve the justice system, education, health, and independent media for the protection and improvement of people’s lives in marginalized communities.

The Open Society Fund in BiH has previously supported BIRN BiH’s Justice Series Programme.