The Local Elections of 3rd November

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On November 14, 2013 ‘Life in Kosovo’ discussed the Local elections of the 3rd November, 2013.

To discus about this issue ‘Life in Kosovo’ had invited Valdete Daka, head of Central Election Commission, and Baki Kelani, Kosovo Police spokesperson.

The head of Central Elections Commission, Valdete Daka, told that Thursday evening the results for four North Kosovo municipalities will be ready; whereas, Baki Kelani, talked about the operation plan of Kosovo Police in the north.

Valdete Daka promised that they will publish the results on Friday (the debate was held on Thursday). She said that the voting sheets for the north Kosovo municipalities were being counted in the CEC offices because of the security reasons. “The commissioners and the observers were present in the counting process”, said Daka.

Daka also mentioned the incidents and security level in North Kosovo. “Considering the situation in North Kosovo the security level should have been higher and more organized having in mind that there were many threats done toward the citizens of that part of Kosovo”, added Daka. Despite the incidents, Daka classified the process as successful.

During the Elections day a group of masked people entered in three polling centers: Sveti Sava School, Technical High School, and the Medical High School. As a result of this problem these three polling centers were declared invalid.

The spokesperson of Kosovo Police, Baki Kelani, said that the operation plan of Kosovo Police for the local level and was sent to the all regional departments including the regional department of the municipality of North Mitrovica.

Kelani claimed that besides Kosovo Police responsible were also the international institutions such as EULEX and KFOR. Kelani talked mainly about the attack in the school Sveti Sava.

“A group of approximately 30 people entered in the polling center Sveti Sava and they attacked the commissioners and destroyed the election material”, said Kelani.

The reaction of the Kosovo Police officials was adequate. Kosovo Police managed to save the lives of people who were inside the polling center. According to Kelani, Kosovo Police opened eight files and arrested 3 persons in the north part of Mitrovica.