Roma Journalist Training in Belgrade

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BIRN Serbia is to train eight Roma journalists from all over Serbia, September 27-29. The training will be followed by publication of a special edition dedicated to key political, economic, and social issues of importance to the Roma community in Serbia.

Since the beginning of the inter-governmental “Decade of Roma Inclusion” programme in 2005, a number of measures have been taken to improve conditions for this disadvantaged community. But there is much more to be done before the current patterns are changed. Frequent attacks on Roma people and their settlements, exclusion from society, the huge obstacles in the way of breaking the cycle of poverty and ways of overcoming cultural barriers will be some of topics that we will tackle.
“Roma media are important, because they influence the emancipation of the Roma, the development of their culture and traditions. Roma media also play a very important role in the development of inter-ethnic relations between Roma and other nations”, said Orhan Galjus, journalist from Amsterdam and activist at the “Media and minorities in SEE” conference.
Galjus will be a guest trainer at the Belgrade event.
The trainees’ reports will be published in English, Serbian and Roma languages early November.
These training and publishing activities will be implemented under the framework of the “Minority Media Training and Reporting Project”, supported by the British Embassy in Belgrade and the OSCE mission in Serbia.