Life in Kosovo receives over 100 calls while on air

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The Life in Kosovo TV debate, which is a co-production of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network – BIRN and Kosovo’s public broadcaster, RTK increased once again its audience ratings during a live broadcast on Friday.

Last Friday’s show discussed whether the forthcoming electoral campaign and the election process are having a negative impact on the process of determining Kosovo’s long-term status. The programme asked if political parties and leaders have started to concentrate more on the elections at the expense of the status issue.

Panellists in the studio to discuss these and other election-related issues were prominent candidates standing for election: Genc Gorani, from the reformist party ORA, Edita Tahiri, from the Democratic Alternative of Kosovo, Ali Lajci, from the Democratic League of Kosovo, Bujar Dugolli from the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo. They were joined by Shpend Ahmeti a civil society activist.

During the live broadcast of the TV debate, moderated by BIRN Kosovo director Jeta Xharra, the audience had a chance to address their questions to the panel through a call centre. The show received over 100 calls, with some of the best among them put to the panel during the broadcast.

Life in Kosovo is a weekly current affairs program with the highest audience ratings for current affairs programmes in Kosovo after the evening news. The program is transmitted prime time on RTK, and is the only Kosovo TV programme that is re-transmitted in Serbia, on B92 TV – valued for its credibility, fairness and unbiased treatment of its topics.

Xharra interviewed international diplomats regarding Kosovo’s status during the last 12 months including Javier Solana, Nicholas Burns, Frank Wisner, Richard Holbrooke, Madeleine Albright and other prominent regional and Kosovan politicians have also been interviewed.