Regional Transitional Justice Project Launched

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BIRN Hub has launched a two-year multimedia project called “Regional Transitional Justice”, which is being financed by the Swiss Foreign Ministry and supported also by the European Commission.

The project’s overall goal is to raise awareness of transitional justice issues in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro and so contribute to the process of reconciliation in the region.

A team of journalists will be formed to cover war crime trials and other key issues and their subsequent news, analysis and investigations will be published on Balkan Insight in both English and local languages.

A monthly radio show, Radio Regional Justice Production, will also be produced in local languages using the capacities of BIRN Bosnia’s existing Radio Justice Programme.

The project also includes a TV Regional Justice Production, a TV series comprising six shows, plus a separate TV documentary, which will be produced using the material that the team has collected.

Our expectation is that that this valuable project will have a lasting, positive impact in the region by fostering democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights and a sustainable peace.