Radio Justice Marks One Year Anniversary

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Over the past year BIRN BiH has produced and broadcast 50 weekly episodes of the Radio Justice magazine show.

The programme began on August 14, 2009 with the aim of presenting Justice Report articles to a broader group of people interested in trials conducted before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The show is distributed to about 100 radio stations around Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Diaspora. It is also available on the web page every Friday.


“The public has to be sensitised about justice and war crimes issues. BIRN is the only media outlet systematically working towards achieving this goal. For as long as these issues are open, the weekly Radio Justice magazine will be a valuable media product. The shows are comprehensive, articulated and well designed,” said Emir Habul, editor-in-chief of informative programmes at BH Radio 1.


The 10-minute programme features an overview of the most important trials before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as topics and analyses related to war crimes processing in the country. It broadcasts audio recordings from the courtrooms as well as comments from experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.


Over the past year, Radio Justice featured interviews with Meddzida Kreso, President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Patrick Robinson, President of the Hague Tribunal; Milorad Barasin, Chief State Prosecutor; James Rodehaver, Chief of the OSCE’s Human Rights Department; Sonja Biserko, President of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia; Vesna Terselic, Director of “Documenta” from Zagreb; and Mirsad Tokaca, President of the Research and Documentation Center in Sarajevo.  


Local media stations are important partners for the Radio Justice project. Mirsada Cosic, Editor of Informative Programmes at Konjic Radio, says the work of Justice Report journalists is important for the general public in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


Dragana Sivonjic, Editor-in-Chief of the Vitez radio station, agrees Radio Justice is important.


“BIRN Radio Justice and the daily reports enable us to follow the trials, which we would otherwise not be able to follow due to the lack of journalists and the distance between Vitez and Sarajevo,” said Sivonjic.


 The Radio Justice Report team intends to continue implementing its projects in the next year with the aim of collaborating with radio stations and reaching to an even broader audience.