Promises made Before the Election Campaign

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This Thursday in Life in Kosovo, representatives of political parties will discuss the promises made before the election campaign.

Is there sufficient budget to fulfill the promises made before the start of election campaign? Are these empty promises? How legitimate is the government’s decision to increase salaries of teachers? How feasible is this promise if the budget for 2011 is not approved yet? Why are official cars being used for the election campaigns?

To discuss these and other issues related to promises and decisions before the election campaign, host Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following guests:

Nait Hasani, from PDK
Avni Arifi, from AAK
Linda Shala, from FER
Arben Gashi, from LDK

After the debate, Jeta Xharra interviews Ismet Kryeziu, leader of the Coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action about the irregularities of elections in Rahovec and local elections of 2009. Will these mistakes be repeated on December 12?

After that, journalist Edona Musa looks at why the UCCK (University Clinical Centre of Kosovo) isn’t providing a form of heart care widely available in private clinics.

At the end of the show, journalist Alban Selimi looks at how deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo have responded to the call for blood donation.