Preparations for Early Elections

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Tonight, in Life in Kosovo show, representatives of political parties in the Central Election Commission on one side and representatives of non-governmental organizations on the other will discuss the preparations for the early parliamentary elections of 12 December.

Before the debate, BIRN broadcasts Edona Musa’s interview with Doctor Gjina Zeqiri, who was asked about the reasons that led to the closure of her private hospital.

After the interview, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu will be joined in the studio by representatives of political parties in the Central Elections Commission and representatives of non-governmental organizations to discuss about the preparations for early parliamentarian elections to be held on 12 December and the challenges that will need to be overcome.

Is the CEC prepared to organize early elections in a professional end democratic manner? Have the electoral lists been updated or we will still have dead people on the voter’s lists? What are the problems and challenges identified during the previous elections? What do the representatives of non-governmental organizations say about the abuse of citizens’ votes and other irregularities identified in the previous elections?

To discuss these and other issues related to early elections, Muhamet Hajrullahu’s guests in the studio will be:

Betim Gjoshi – representative of PDK in the CEC,
Florian Dushi – representative of LDK in the CEC,
Ilir Fetahu – representative of LDD in the CEC,
Albulena Sadiku – NGO INPO and
Avni Zogiani – NGO ÇOHU.

After the debate, BIRN will broadcast a report prepared by journalist Alban Selimi about the destruction of cultural heritage in Novoberdo.

At the end of the show, BIRN looks at allegations involving the construction of flats in Suhareke prepared by researcher Petrit Kryeziu.