Participants on BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting

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Here is what participants of the first BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting have said about the school:

Frederique Petit, The Netherlands

The lectures have taught us a lot on how you can do your job better. I find the classes a great motivator that has already given me a lot of tools. Now, I am constantly thinking of new stories that I can get into in the Netherlands.

Sebastjan Pikl, Slovenia

Even though I am not a journalist by profession (I run a political foundation), I find tools which are used, or taught here, really useful in my work. All these in depth analysis and examples which were given here will definitively make my job, or make my days easier and I’ll definitively come back next time.

Andrea Caprescu, Romania

It was a little bit hard for me as I am not an investigative reporter, so when I came here I said “God, I’m gonna have trouble because I know nothing about this. What am I gonna do?”. But, when I met so many great people and when I saw how things are working I was very relieved and very glad that I have the opportunity to learn so many things about journalism.

Vladimir Locev, Macedonia

I saw it as a great opportunity to meet the colleagues from other countries, who are doing things I am doing in my country and this is what investigative journalism is. I have been also taking the Computer Assisted Reporting class, and was very surprised that we, journalists, basically, know very little about Internet and ways how to inquire information through internet. So, the class about the hidden web yesterday, was really great… I didn’t have no idea that those things exist on the web.

Vlad Ursulean, Romania

I really did not know what to expect [from the school], but it’s been really great because you don’t really learn these things in regular schools. So, it was very useful!

Vacusta Bogdan, Romania

I am very interested in developing my skills in order to do what Paul Radu said – to follow the money. There are a lot of companies dealing with very strange transactions, the connections with politicians, and so on, and it is quite difficult sometimes to get the right point and to discover the right information between companies, between different individuals, between different persons and extract the final report and analyse or finalise your report.