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The Basic Court sentenced five people to 20 years in prison for organized crimes and bodily injuries in relation to Medicus, the clinic where many kidney transplants were done.

Lutfi Dervishi, the owner of the clinic, was found guilty for organized crimes and human trafficking. He was sentenced with eight years of prison and a fee of 10,000 Euro. He is also not allowed to work as a doctor for two years. Moreover, his son, Arban Dervishi, the economist of the clinic, was also found guilty for organized crimes and trafficking. He was sentenced with seven years in prison and a fee of 2,500 Euros.

Other sentenced were the anesthesiologist and his two assistants. Sokol Hajdini, the anesthesiologist, three years in prison; whereas, Islam Bytyqi and Sylejman Dula, assistants, with one year conditional sentence.

The verdict was 20 years of prison for the five persons, for organized crime, human trafficking and heavy body injury, which started in 2008. A patient was found in the Airport of Prishtina in a bad health condition due to a kidney transplant done in Medicus; on that day investigations were started that led to the closure of the clinic.

In 2008, 24 kidneys were transplanted in the clinic Medicus. The prosecution verdict said that the preparations started in 2006 where Lutfi Dervishi was connected directly with the Turkish doctor Youssuf Somnez. The receivers of kidneys were mostly Israelis, whereas, the donors were from Ukraine, Turkey, Israel and etc.

Two other persons that were included in this case were not judged because they were not present. They have an international arrest warrant from the former District Court of Prishtina.

Youssuf Somnez is suspected as the perpetrator of many kidney transplants. 90 000 dollars were paid for a kidney. This activity is banned according to Kosovo laws.

Moreover, the other suspect is Moshe Harel, Turkey-Israeli citizen, who is responsible for mediation and transplant organization.

In addition, in this clinic near Prishtina, 24 patients donated their kidneys and 24 other received them. From 9 receivers there was a paid amount of 759,000 dollars and there were donors who received less than 1,000 dollars.

“The only reason of this exploitation of poor people was the possibility of a tearing benefit and the human greed,” said Jonathan Ratel, EULEX judge.

Judge Ratel also stated: “After their organs were taken, these persons were left on mercy without any proper medical treatment or any necessary medical attention. The damage should be compensated to the victims.”