Life in Kosovo will discuss about the three misterious

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This Thursday’s “Life in Kosovo” show discussed about the late annihilation of the three sulfuric acid containers in the complex of Trepça në Mitrovicë.

Why was the issue of destroying the poison containers delayed until now? How dangerous is the sulfuric oil? Whose fault is it that these containers were allowed in Kosovo? Which company was chosen for destroying the three contains with the oil in question? How long will it take to destroy the material and how much will it cost for the Kosovo government? Is the life of the citizens living near the containers in danger?

For these issues, the people who will be discussing in “Life in Kosovo” are
representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Issues, the ministry of
Internal Affairs, experts and representatives of the demonstrators from

In this week’s show there will also be an exclusive interview with the
minister of environmental issues, Mahir Yagcilar.

Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television, RTK,
and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. The show is broadcast
every Thursday, starting from 20:15.