“Life in Kosovo” Talks to Leading Educationalist

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This Friday, the Life in Kosovo TV debate will feature an exclusive interview with Mehmet Gjevori which was conducted shortly before the death of the well-known author of works on education and linguistics.

Gjevori published his first book in 1945, and his last in 2006 at the age of 96, thus completing a rich 60-year-long career as a successful educator and linguist.

In the interview he gave to Life in Kosovo, this leading educationalist talks about his decision to leave Albania, his home country, and come to Kosovo to open Albanian schools at a time when illiteracy amongst the Kosovo Albanian
population was as high as 90 per cent.

Among other things, he also explains why the ‘gheg’ dialect was not included in standard Albanian; talks about how he was treated by the Albanian and ex-Yugoslavian secret services; and also reveals interesting details about his
personal life, such as his first love and his marriage.

Life in Kosovo is broadcastevery Friday on RTK at 20:15.