Life in Kosovo Discusses Violence against Women

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This Thursday the Life in Kosovo TV debate is to explore a very sensitive issue – violence against women.

violence against women

How much violence is there against women in Kosovo? Who is working with the victims of domestic abuse? Is anybody protecting them? Who is fighting against trafficking in human beings? And can the victims of violence expect help with their reintegration into society?

To discuss these issues, we will have the following panellists in the studio:

Ariana Qosaj Musa – Expert for gender balance, OSCE;
Flora Macula – Executive Director of UNIFEM;
Lumnije Decani –from the Centre of Women’s Wellbeing/Safe House
Luljeta Vuniqi – Executive Director from the Kosovar Gender Studies Centre
Tahire Haxholli- from the investigating sector of domestic violence within the Kosovo Police Service, KPS

The Life in Kosovo TV debate show is a cooperative project between Kosovo public television, RTK, and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and is broadcast every Thursday beginning at 20:15