Life in Kosovo discusses the advisory opinion of the ICJ Tonight

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Life in Kosovo will hold a live discussion on the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo’s independence.

What is the ICJ’s opinion? How will this reflect on recognitions of the state of Kosovo? Does the Kosovo side have a strategy for the future? What do the local political parties and civil society say? What are the first

To discuss these topics, live on air, Muhamet Hajrullahu will be joined in the studio by:

Jakup Krasniqi – Head of the Assembly of Kosovo
Arsim Bajrami – Professor of Constitutional Law
Blerim Shala – Vice-president of AAK
Haki Abazi – Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

Following this, Life in Kosovo will broadcast an interview with Ivan Vejvoda, a civil society member with a strong influence on the Serb opinion.

The journalist Alban Selimi has prepared an investigative report into suspicious medicine sold in Kosovo. How did Kosovar children consume 10 thousand doses of paracetamol without active substances?

How did the Ministry of Health buy this paracetamol? Who should be held accountable, or are the Ministry officials above the law in this case? Researcher Faton Ademi talks about the sewage that flooded a neighbourhood in Mitrovica.