Life in Kosovo discusses religious education

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Life in Kosovo will broadcast a debate on the introduction of religious education in public schools, the calls to allow girls to wear headscarves in public institutions and the request for the construction of a new mosque in Prishtina.

Questions discussed will include: Is religion being politicised? How can this be prevented, so that it can be freely discussed at the institutional level? What are the arguments for and against introducing religious education as a subject in public schools? Should headscarves be allowed in public institutions? Does the refusal of such requests lead to religious radicalism?


To discuss these questions and attitudes in Kosovo’s society about relevant recent public cases, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following to the studio:


Sabri Bajgora, the head imam from the Islamic Community of Kosovo;
Gëzim Kelmendi, a Kosovo Assembly deputy from the Justice Party;
Ismajl Hasani, a sociologist of religion;
Teuta Sahatqija, a Kosovo Assembly deputy from the Democratic League of Kosovo;
Halil Matoshi, a political analyst; and
Blerim Latifi, a lecturer of political philosophy at the University of Prishtina and an adviser to the prime minister.


At the end of the show, BIRN will broadcast the ‘Youth in Kosovo’ section.