Life in Kosovo discusses public health

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This Thursday, “Life in Kosovo” broadcasts the debate regarding the public health situation.

Among the issues raised are the findings and recommendations of BIRN’s annual report, which analyses the health situation in Kosovo.

12 years after the end of the war, why there is still a lack of essential drugs in primary health institutions?
Why is there no cooperation between health service providers in the country? Is there a lack of capacities in the public hospitals, or a mismanagement of capacities? 

If there a timeline, when will the laws on health care and health insurance be approved by the Parliament? How important these two laws are to solve the problems in the field?

To understand more and get professional inputs on the issues, the host Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited:

Curr Gjocaj- director of the Department of Health Services, Ministry of Health;

Haxhi Avdyli- LDK health group;

Time Kadrijaj- parliamentary commission for health, AAK;

Alban Selimi- journalist, BIRN.

Also, BIRN will broadcast the report of journalist Alban Selimi, who shows what the television team has found out at the night when this team has visited some family medicine center.