Life in Kosovo discusses problems with coal in Kosovo

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Tonight, Life in Kosovo broadcasts the documentary ‘Kingdom of Coal’ and a report on the operation of emergency and fire-fighting services in Kosovo.

The ‘Kingdom of Coal’ is a documentary produced by BIRN and Crossing bridges, which in the most recent International Documentary and Short Film Festival, DOKUFEST, was awarded the best film prize in the category for the environment, GreenDoc.

Competing with other international films dealing with environmental issues, ‘Kingdom of Coal’ was considered by the festival’s international jury to be a significant film for the region. The documentary investigates the economic, health and environmental costs of coal, while exploring the potential for alternative energy in Kosovo.

After the documentary, a report by journalist Alban Selimi will be broadcast, highlighting the work of emergency staff at the University Clinical Centre of Kosovo and the treatment of patients from regional hospitals that are sent to them.

Afterwards, journalist Edona Musa will present a report about the problems faced by firefighters in Kosovo.  

The show will close with the ‘Youth in Kosovo’ section.