Life in Kosovo Discusses High Interest Rates for Loans

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Tonight, representatives of banks and local institutions in Kosovo will discuss what is stopping interest rates for loans falling.

Are banks really a success story in Kosovo? What do bank leaders need from the state to lower rates? Why do Kosovars have to pay higher interest rates compared to others in the region? Is there any agreement between banks in Kosovo to keep this rate?


Why did the Kosovo Competition Commission begin an investigation concerning banks\’ interest rates? Is there space for involvement of new banks in the market which would offer lower interest rates?

To discuss these and other issues related to the banks, Jeta Xharra has invited the following guests in the studio:

Florin Lila, from ProCredit Bank ,
Robert Wright, from Raiffeisen Bank,
Vullnet Latifi, from the Bank for Business
Bedri Hamza, Minister of Finance
Lavdim Hamiti, economics journalist at the daily newspaper Zëri,
Ahmet Krasniqi, from Kosovo Competition Commission.

After the debate, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu reveals how tenders are given by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.


Who has tried to give an 800,000 euros tender at the TRA without following all legal procedures? What does the Procurement Review Body, the TRA, and the senior procurement official who was suspended by TRA for this tender say about this issue?


At the end of the show, journalist Alban Selimi looks at the measures taken against the doctor Haqif Sadiku, who has not respected the work schedule at the Family Medical Centre, whose case was discussed in the last Life in Kosovo show.


The report also investigates the reasons why the health inspectorate has not noticed this irregularity earlier.