Life in Kosovo discusses energy

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This Thursday, Life in Kosovo goes to South Africa to investigate whether energy supply problems have been solved since a new power plant was built with World Bank loans – in a similar way to the planned New Kosova power plant.

Life in Kosovo travels up to this power plant in northern South Africa to see how this power plant has contributed in improving the citizens’ lives.~


Why has there been an increase in electricity prices since construction began on the new power plant in South Africa? 

What does a World Bank’s own Inspection Panel report say about the standards breached by the World Bank in giving credit for the construction of the Eskom power plant in northern South Africa – in a similar form of credit planned for Kosovo?


How have citizens from whom the power plant is taking water needed for agriculture responded? What has been lobbied for by the only Kosovar representative in the Conference of the United Nations for climate change in Durban? 

What are the lessons that Kosovo could take from the example of South Africa?


Exclusively in Life in Kosovo, these issues will be elaborated by the South African minister of environment and citizens from both Kosovo and South Africa.