Life in Kosovo debates the quality of education

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This Thursday the Life in Kosovo current affairs show will debate the quality of education on offer in Kosovo.

Why are there still students in Kosovo schools, who can’t read and write? Why is this still the case after they finish school? Should teachers, students, parents or institutions be blamed? What are the results of the high school graduation exam like? What strategies are needed to ensure the young people of the youngest state do not come out of schools ‘uneducated’?

To discuss these issues and more, joining Jeta Xharra in the studio will be:

Arlinda Beka – A parent from Kosovo;
Ismet Potera – Kosovo Institute of Pedagogy;
Alush Istogu – Head of the pre-University Education Department and
Mustafë Kadriu – Chief of the Evaluation and Standards Unit.

Putting their questions and concerns directly to our panellists will be:

Ismaijl Kurteshi – Head of the Education Department in Gjilan;
Jusuf Thaci – Education monitor from the civil society and
a group of high school students from Pristina, Mitrovica, Peja and Ferizaj

Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television, RTK, and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. The show is broadcast every Thursday, starting from 20:15.