Life in Kosovo Debates the Privatisation of PTK

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Tonight, Life in Kosovo will broadcast a debate on the privatisation of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo.

Should PTK be privatised? Why did the opposition boycott the privatisation strategy in parliament? How much is PTK worth? What will Kosovo benefit from this privatisation? Has the privatisation process been transparent until now?


How will PTK’s assets be divided? Why is 75 per cent of these assets been sold? What will happen to PTK employees? How will the recent investigations into PTK impact on potential investors?

To discuss these and other issues regarding the privatisation of PTK, Muhamet Hajrullahu’s guests in the studio will be:

Liridon Mavriqi, political advisor at the Ministry of Economy and Finance
Alban Hashani, from RIINVEST Institute
Avni Zogiani, from ÇOHU organisation
Naim Rrustemi, independent MP

After the debate, BIRN will broadcast an interview with Milazim Alshiqi, head of the PTK workers’ union, who talks of the position of the union with regards to the privatisation process.

In addition, BIRN will broadcast an interview by journalist Alban Selimi with the head sanitary inspector of Kosovo, Iliriana Zymberaj, who speaks about the violations of the law on smoking.

Meanwhile, in the Justice in Kosovo section, researcher Petrit Kryeziu looks at Kosovo’s international legal agreements.

Finally, BIRN journalist Jeta Xharra interviews the Albanian ambassador in the United Kingdom, Zef Mazi about the image of Albanians in Britain and the relationship of Albania and Kosovo with the UK



Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television, RTK and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. It is broadcast every Thursday, starting at 20:20