Life in Kosovo at a new time on RTK

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Since 18 October, the “Life in Kosovo” current affairs programme has been shown by Kosovo’s public broadcaster, RTK, at a new time.

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“Life in Kosovo”, which is a co-production of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network – BIRN and RTK, is now broadcast every Thursday from 20:15.

The programme offers a lively debate on political, social and cultural issues, followed by an investigative reporting segment and then — the “desert” of the show – the political and social satire “Dhandrri i Kosovës” (Kosovo son in law).

During the election campaign, in addition to the regular weekly programe, “Life in Kosovo” will be broadcast each evening from 23.15.

These daily broadcasts will feature debates on the mayoral elections in 30 municipalities. BIRN and RTK`s partners, the NGOs ATRC and GAP, have joined forces to organise these debates.