Five Journalists Selected in Macedonia

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A jury has selected five journalists to support writing investigative stories in collaboration with BIRN Macedonia, SCOOP Macedonia and the Center for Civil Communications.  

The Project for investigative journalism and cooperation between media and civil society is part of the USAID Programme for strengthening the independent media in Macedonia.

After receiving about 50 applications, the jury comprising experienced journalists and editors evaluated the applications.

A short list of ten was drawn up before the jury evaluated and chose the top five.

The competition was close and BIRN Macedonia, SCOOP Macedonia and the Center for Civil Communications said they wished to congratulate the winners and thank to all the journalists who applied.

BIRN Macedonia, SCOOP Macedonia and the Center for Civil Communications also reminded all journalists that another call for applications will be opened in September, and encouraged them to apply.

Applications were evaluated on the basis of several criteria, such as relevance, feasibility, originality as well as the experience of the journalist.

Apart from obtaining financial support to research their ideas and cover their expenses, the winners will receive professional support while conducting their investigations.

The winning journalists are as follows: Aleksandar Pisarev, Ubavka Janevska, Miroslava Simonovska, Vlado Apostolov, Mence Atanasova Toci.

Aleksandar Pisarev is an investigative journalist at the Forum Center for Strategic Research and Documentation. Previously he worked for Forum magazine, Kapital magazine and the newspaper Dnevnik

Ubavka Janevska is journalist with more than 20 years experience. Based in Veles she works as a correspondent for the national TV station Channel 5. 

Miroslava Simonovska is a young journalist currently working for the Internet news portal, Plusinfo. She has several years’ experience in the print media and specifies in covering education issues.

Vlado Apostolov is an investigative journalist working for Fokus newspaper with more than 10 years’ experience of the media.

Mence Atanasova-Toci is currently working for the Nova web TV. She has been covering health issues for more than 15 years.