Debate on Economy

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On June 02, 2014, “Life in Kosovo” held a debate on the economy of the Republic of Kosovo. 

Political party representatives present at the Economy debate were as follows: from AAK: Fehmi Fetahu, Vasilika Zotaj and Shkelzen Jusaj; AKR was represented by: bernard Nikaj, Vileta Gashi and Avni Gashi; PDK: Ramiz Kelmendi, Blerand Stavileci and Margarita Kadriu; LDK: Hykmete Bajrami and Lutfi Zharku; LVV: Dardan Sejdiu, Aida Derguti and Bashkim Nurboja. From Partia e Forte present were: Birol Urcan, Zana Elshani Mullaademi and Valon Badivuku.

LDK member, Mrs. Bajrami made some allegations towards party in power saying that “PDK has not shown that with what criteria will distribute these funds. To get a grant to the Ministry of Agriculture, people from the municipality of Peja paid 500 Euros to make a business plan, and have never seen a list of who received those grants, and those who have never done business plan did not receive grants. ”

AKR representative Mr. Nikaj said that “No agricultural product produced in Kosovo is not freed from taxation agreement with Turkey, for at least 10 years of leather industry is protected, wood processing and all other industries that have the potential to be produced in Kosovo”. Same as Mrs. Bajrami from LDK, Mr. Sejdiu of LVV made allegations towards the party in power by saying that: “To create 137 jobs per day it means that for four years in a row Kosovo should build a factory each day. We have already seen these factories for the last 15 years”.