Culture Watch Journalism Team Met in Belgrade

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Serbian journalistic team – Pedja Popovic, Branislava Lopar, Jovan Ristic and Nemanja Cabric, from the first and second year of BICCED Project (The Balkan Initiative for Cultural Cooperation, Exchange and Development ), gathered in Belgrade together with Executive Director of BITEF Festival, Jelena Knezevic and Director of Vesna Milosavljevic to discuss the end of the first cycle of investigations on cultural issues in Serbia.

Journalists gathered the facts and multimedia material from the cities of Leskovac, Vranje and Nis in southern Serbia, and Novi Sad, Subotica and Indjiija in the northern province of Vojvodina. The investigation will be focusing on cultural decline in towns in Serbia due to the country’s centralized system and analysis on how the culture in Serbia suffers because of a failure to pass laws and legislation in the field of culture and due to lack of money invested in that specific field of society.

When completed, the investigation will be presented at a round table in Belgrade, where it is goverenment officials, representatives of cultural institutions and organisations are expected to be present. Participants at the round table will have the unique opportunity to discuss the main issues on cultural decline in the country.

The investigative report containing multimedia material will be published on Balkan Insight’s spicialised page Culture Watch.