Birn Serbia: Take your place in an open studio!

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BIRN Serbia is organising a “Five cents for Media” street event on Saturday 8th October to be held simultaneously in Kragujevac, Nis, Novi Sad, Vranje, Uzice and Novi Pazar!

In the period between noon and two p.m., anybody interested in participating will be able to enter the “Open studio” to share their ideas and express their views about local media; ask questions about issues they would like to know more about and suggest topics relevant to their local community.

The event will be broadcast live via Internet TV from all six towns, while an additional direct transmission link will be available on our Facebook page

Through this action we are seeking to improve communication between citizens and the media, thereby contributing to the creation of more high quality local media content.

The street event is part of a broader campaign that includes local media and civil society organisations and the Facebook page acts a platform for visitors to see photos, videos and news about activities taking place as part of the “Five cents for Media” campaign.

All interested citizens are hereby invited to participate in this action, take their place in an open studio and be reporters for a day!