BIRN Serbia and RTS TV co-production on Presevo

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BIRN Serbia and Radio Televesion Serbia`s TV magazine programme “Oko”  started a production of documentary on life Presevo this week, as part of a project supported by British embassy in Belgrade.

This small town in south Serbia with an ethnic Albanian majority, is close to the border with Kosovo and Macedonia. Although the  pan European Corridor 10 passes close by Presevo, the town has remained largely out of the public eye and struggles with tough social and economic problems.

BIRN initiated the production of documentary in order to bring the experiences of local Albanians and Serbs, to a wider Serbian audience.

During three days of filming the team interviewed local political leaders and the  people of Presevo in search of a story about the every-day life in this part of Serbia, burdened as it is with a heritage of war and inter ethnic conflict which it is still coming to terms with.

The feature will be broadcast by the end of September.